Joint Base Military
For all TriCare inquries, only active-duty requires a referral, however, all dependents do not need a referral and can schedule a consult with Dr. Penner immediately. All VA inquiries must have a referral to be scheduled. All referrals can be easily be faxed to 360-350-5610 / ATTN: Dr. David Penner, and will receive a call back within 24 business hours.

Suicide Prevention | Veterans | TMS Therapy

At Olympia TMS, Veterans are treated with the utmost respect and honor for what they have sacrificed. We want all our military population to feel they are loved and we care about their well-being even off the battlefield. Mental health has not been focused on enough and it is why we still have #22aday we are still losing to suicide. Please don’t take today lightly as we celebrate what our soldiers have accomplished but also the battles they face both active at home. We have a duty as Americans to take care of our military and their families at all times.

Thank you to the 2% of Americans who were brave enough to have signed up for service, left their families, been injured, or have given their lives for their friends and this great country. We are so grateful that people protect our flag and freedoms we have previously fought so hard for. You all are extremely valued and we honor you. 

TMS Therapy was FDA-approved in 2008 as a noninvasive treatment for depression using an electromagnetic coil to stimulate the area of the brain that regulates mood. Patients that have not had success using medication and regular talk therapy can benefit from TMS with a 65% remission rate and 85% response rate (decrease in symptoms up to 49%). We will take time to lay out every treatment available that can be taken back to a patient’s primary care physician. Our goal is patient-centered care. We strive to help restore hope, educate, de-stigmatize mental health, and promote wellness.