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TMS Therapy – transcranial magnetic stimulation – is a quickly growing treatment for depression and anxiety using an electromagnetic coil that stimulates neurons in the brain where mood is regulated. TMS is FDA-approved and noninvasive. Olympia TMS is a great option for those with treatment-resistant depression in the Olympia, Lacey,  Tumwater, Yelm, Dupont, Centralia,  Chehalis, Shelton and Aberdeen areas. Treatment is 36 sessions / 5 days a week, and sessions are between 3 minutes to 19 minutes each, depending on prescribed protocol. All patients can immediately go back to their daily activities post-treatment sessions.


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Take the PHQ-9 Depression Quiz – A standard way of assessing depression severity in patients.

Letter From Dr. Penner

About David Penner M.D.

Hello South Sound Community,

I have been in practice in Olympia for 10 years treating difficult cases regarding depression. We entered this field to help people. Our work is dedicated to getting people better, leading higher quality lives, and to remove the barriers of depression keeping people from being themselves – who they would be; who they are. That is our duty and that’s where TMS comes in.

Throughout the years of exhaustive medication management, and with skilled therapy, most of my patients have gotten better. But there are those where it was not good enough, or there were significant side effects from their medications. I grew tired of “for now, this is the best we can do.” The psychiatric providers in this community agree. We go over medication management which may lead to other alternative treatment options. We decided to be the first in Olympia to offer TMS treatment. I have seen patients that have struggled for years with depression not responsive to medication  have an amazing response and were able to make it to their treatments outside of work. TMS has exceeded our wildest expectations, including the ability to wean many off all their medications.

Our duty, and what our patients receive, is a comprehensive evaluation before any start of treatment. We provide our patients with every option available to them – not just TMS Therapy. They will leave here with a wide-ranging list to eliminate barriers to recovery. Each individual is seen as a person, not a number.

Dave Penner MD

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